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The Frank Sinatra tie behind Houston’s Italian food fetish: Fever dates back to a secret romance

05.23.11 | 06:02 pm

Despite its buzz worthiness, fusion isn’t always a good thing in food.

“The first few years I was in America, the food really confused me,” says Giancarlo Ferrara, the executive corporate chef of Arcodoro“Why do they call this scampi? This isn’t scampi. And we don’t even eat meatballs with spaghetti in Italy.”

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Lunch with Tony Vallone

Truly, is there anything better than a lunch with legendary restaurateur Tony Vallone? The man who defined fine dinning in Houston and who has served presidents, Pavarotti and Princess Margaret—as well as the creme de la creme of Houston society, since 1965.

We sat down at his Caffe Bello last week to meet the new chef, talk politics and food and sample some new menu items. Including octopus.

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